Cleaning and Sanitising

Hectoserve Tissuway
Hectoserve Saniway
Hectoserve Strodorway
Hectoserve Pureway
Hectoserve Multiway
Hectoserve Natglass
Hectoserve Carway
Hectoserve Globalway
Hectoserve Odourway

ECOWAY® is dedicated to eco-friendly, highly effective cleaning and maintenance for businesses and community areas, including hotels, guest houses, hospitals, nurseries, service sectors, the food processing industry, public spaces, medical offices and labs, and more.

Specially developed to be completely safe for people and the planet, ECOWAY® is based on the ‘effective, safe, eco-friendly’ commitment.

Your benefits :

-  Biosurfactants are up to 500 times more effective than petrochemical or plant-based surfactants.

-  The health of users is protected. More convenient to use: no unpleasant fumes, no special equipment required (gloves, masks, etc.) and pleasant, long-lasting fragrances.

-  No pollutants discharged into water or the air. Eco-designed products in fully recyclable packaging.

-  Products in the ECOWAY® range are concentrated. Because less product is required, less water and energy is needed. 

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