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Handysan Cream Cleaner

Hectoserve Ammoniated cream hard surface cleaner

Handysan is a viscous green coloured ammoniated abrasive cleaner designed to remove stubborn soiled from hard surfaces in household applications without scratching.  It combines the powerful cleaning action of a scouring powder and ammonia into a liquid hard surface cleaner thus making the product much more effective.  It is pleasant to work with and will not harm the hands or painted surfaces.




East to use

Effective without scratching surfaces

Safe of hard surfaces

Economical with long service life


Will not harm the hands

Easy to rinse with hot or cold water

Good storage stability

Methods of  Application:


For normal day-to-day application for cleaning hard, functional surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom, apply with a hot, damp cloth and rub until dirt loosens, wipe off with a clean, hot or cold cloth or rinse with clean hot or cold water.


Physical  Properties:


PH                       :  10 – 12

S.G.                     :  1.06

Viscosity             :  Thick but pourable

Colour                 :  Green

Toxicology and First Aid:


This is an environmentally friendly product and can therefore be handled complete without fear of contamination, poisoning or skin irritation.  If swallowed, drink and excess of water and mild to induce vomiting.


The recommendations herein are based on laboratory tests and in field use experiments.  To the best of our knowledge, these are accurate and since conditions of actual use are beyond our control, all recommendations are made without any warranty whatsoever.

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