Carway is a powerful waterless / no-rinse cleaner for all types of cars, motor bikes, caravans, busses, trucks etc. Carway is an eco-biological treatment containing pure, natural essential plant oils, biosurfactants and antistatic properties. Neutral pH.

Carway Waterless Vehicle Cleaner

R39.00 Regular Price
R23.40Sale Price
  • No-rinse cleaner for vehicle

    bodywork, metallic and plastic surfaces, dashboard, etc.

    • Safe for users: doesn’t require safety labeling.

    • Forumlated to reduce risks of allergic reactions.

    • May be used on all types of vehicle (car, bicycle, caravan, bus, etc.)

    • Cleans and shines bodywork and vehicle interiors.

    • Eliminates all trace of fuel, tar and insects.

    • Does not leave traces on windows or bodywork.

    • Cost-effective and environmentally friendly: no rinsing needed.

    • Antistatic: prevents water marks on surfaces after application.

  • Ready to use. Shake before use. Spray directly onto the surface to be cleaned, and wipe with a microfibre cloth. ! Avoid using this product if your vehicle’s bodywork is very grimy.


    Manual cleaning:

    About 250ml per vehicle for bodywork cleaning.


    When you follow the recommended dosage, you save money and protect the environment.