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Hectosan Alcohol Based Hand Sanitiser is an anti-bacterial waterless hand sanitiser gel with aloe vera oil and 70% alcohol content. Available in 5L and 25L containers. SABS 1221 Type1, SABS 1853.



Hectosan Alcohol Based Hand Sanitiser

  • Hospitals and Clinics: Reduces the risk of hands being vectors for pathogenic organisms, lowering chances of hospital acquired infections. Food Industry: Prevention of food poisoning as hands 
    no longer spread harmful bacteria. Food poisoning is a potentioal where any food is repeatedly handled, e.g. fast food outlets, restaurants, homes, hotels, etc.  
    Workers in General: Anywhere workers are required to practice basic hygiene, e.g. dairy farms, child care centres, dog parlous, SPCA’s, cleaners, sewerage works, etc.

  • HECTOSAN HAND SANITISER must be applied onto the skin after cleaning and drying. Rub HECTOSAN HAND SANITISER over the hands, ensuring contact under nails and back of hands and allow to air dry. No rinsing is required. HECTOSAN HAND SANITISER will not taint the taste of food when handled after drying.

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