Pureway Aqua, with active ingredients from renewable biological and vegetal sources, is a disinfectant cleaner with a long lasting natural fragrance. Used to sanitize and clean toilets, bathrooms, floors, walls, range hoods, door handles, etc.

Pureway Aqua Biological Cleaner

    • Safe for users: doesn’t require safety labeling.

    • Formulated to reduce risks of allergic reactions and risks of burns (risks

      associated with the use of conventional cleaning products containing

      corrosive or harsh substances).

    • Cleans, degreases and disinfects.

    • Biosurfactants (biological active ingredients) ensure better cleaning.

    • Removes encrusted dirt.

    • Bactericidal in accordance with the EN 1276 standard in dirty conditions.

    • Active on Listeria monocytogenes CIP 78.38 and Salmonella thyphimurium CIP 58.58.

    • Eliminates bad odours at their source.

  • Apply the product to the surface to be cleaned with a cleaning cloth or microfiber cloth, mop or chemical dispenser. Wait 5 minutes and rinse with drinking water.


    EN 1276 disinfection + listeria + salmonella: 1% (2 caps or 2 pumpfuls in 5L). Contact time: 5 mins.

    Manual cleaning: undiluted on cleaning cloth or microfiber cloth or diluted 0.2% to 2% depending on the surface to be cleaned.

    Cleaning machines: 0.1% to 1%.