Tissuway contains pure, natural essential plant oils for cleaning any fabric surface. Tissuway has a neutral pH and contains active ingredients from renewable sources. It can be used to clean carpets, rugs, car and boat interiors, curtains, furnishing textiles, etc.

Tissuway Fabric and Carpet Cleaner

    • Safe for users: doesn’t require safety labeling.

    • Formulated to reduce risks of allergies.

    • Cleans fabric fibers indepth.

    • Cleans stains and dirt while protecting fiber structure.

    • Respects fabric colours.

    • Dries rapidly without leaving marks

    • Leaves a pleasant scent of essential plant oils.

  • Shake before use.


    Treat small areas at a me. Spray onto the surface to be cleaned. Rub with a brush, a so lint-free cloth or a microfiber cloth until the stains disappear. Wipe away excess product with a clean cloth.



    Dilute to 20%, i.e. about 1L in 5L of water, and fill the machine tank with the solution.