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Hi-Strip Floor Stripper

Hectoserve Hi-Strip Ammonia and solvent based floor stripper

Hi-Strip is an ammonia and solvent based liquid floor stripper. It is designed for the removal of wax polishes and polymer coatings from floors. Due to its high ammonia content this product effectively removes all types of polishes / waxes.  Always use this product in well-ventilated areas.




Contains high levels of ammonia and solvents

Heavy polymer / wax removal properties

Ease of application


Good storage stability


Methods of  Application:


Dilute at a rate of 1:10 with water depending on the severity of the polymer / wax build up. Spread over the area to be cleaned or stripped, agitate or rub with a mop, brush or broom allowing some time to react. Then rinse with clean water. Dry the surface or leave to dry on its own accord. 


Physical  Properties:


Flash Point       -  N/A

Appearance      -  Thin yellow liquid

Odour               -  Mild

pH                    -  10 – 11.5

S.G.                 -  1.04


Toxicology and First Aid:


This is an environmentally friendly product and can therefore be handled complete without fear of contamination, poisoning or skin irritation.  If swallowed, drink and excess of water and mild to induce vomiting.


The recommendations herein are based on laboratory tests and in field use experiments.  To the best of our knowledge, these are accurate and since conditions of actual use are beyond our control, all recommendations are made without any warranty whatsoever.

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