Green Cleaning and Sanitising Products

Odorite Ultra Range
Biotech Bathroom Cleaner Range
Odorite Grime Away Range
Odorite Ultra Dish Washing Liquid
Hectoserve Saniway
Hectoserve Strodorway
Hectoserve Natglass
Hectoserve Globalway

Cleaner, Greener, Smarter

Our institutional and industrial products utilise natural eco-friendly processes to clean and deodorise in ways that are beneficial to the environment and your facility, providing long-lasting effects that keep working long after the product is applied. Unlike standard harsh chemical products, this technology can provide longer-lasting odour control, deeper cleaning to remove grease and soil.

By using green cleaning products, the number of cleaning products used can be reduced by 50 percent. This not only offers massive savings (increasing the bottom line) and an improved sustainability scorecard, but also creates a cleaner and safer environment for your employees, visitors and guests.

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Bio cleaning technology explained in 60 seconds

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GreenWorx Range