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Globalway is a strong, ready to use biological cleaner for toilets, urinals, stainless steel, porcelain, taps, piping etc in bathrooms. It contains specific micro-organisms in accordance the European directive 2000/54/CE (safe and non genetically modified). Active ingredients from renewable biological and vegetal sources.

Globalway Toilet and Urinal Cleaner

    • Safe for users: doesn’t require safety labelling.

    • Complete treatment for:

      • »  Cleaning dirty surfaces. Improved cleaning thanks to biosurfactants (biological active ingredients).

      • »  Removes limescale deposits

      • »  Gives a shine to surfaces

      • »  Blocks bad odours

      • »  Deodorizes and leaves a pleasant fragrance

      • »  Upkeeps piping and drainage traps and prevents saturation

      • »  Improves operation of septic tanks

    • Easy application on vertical surfaces with this gel formula



    Ready to use. Accurate dosage saves money and helps reduce the impact of this product on the environment.

    Apply using a cleaning cloth, brush or mop to the surface to be cleaned. Scrub and rinse.




    To treat bad odours, apply the product preferably in the evening after the toilets have been used or when effluent is at a minimum and leave all night. Repeat every 2 days.

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