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Natglass has a high-performance ecological formula for cleaning any smooth or glass surface. 100% natural fragrance, mix of essential oils with a soft and fresh hesperidic fragrance.. Concentrated formula effective on mirrors, windows, screens, frames, plexiglass, spectacles, aluminium window frames, stainless steel, windscreen etc. 

Natglass Windows Cleaner

    • Safe for users: doesn’t require safety labeling.

    • Forumulated to reduce risks of allergies.

    • Contains biosurfactants, natural surfactants from biological origin.

    • Concentrated formula: cleans and degreases in small doses.

    • Anti-scale action.

    • Gives a shines to surfaces.

    • Dries quickly without leaving stains.

    • High performance: comparative efficiency tests with the best-selling

      products on the market carried out by an independent laboratory.

    • Fragrance of natural origin: mix of natural essential oils

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