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Removes malodours and cleans microscopically – our bugs eat yours.


A Highly Effective deodoriser


Bio Tech ™ Misting Deodoriser is a liquid ready to use probiotic spray formula for malodour removal.  Stop using your chemically packed deodorizers that coat your nose receptors. Proprietary Natural Probiotics care and protect you by actually continuing to work for up to days at a time all the way down to the microscopic level eliminating contaminants, lowering your risk of allergens and infections. True Micro-Cleaning. Sold in 500ml spray bottles and 5L refill containers.


Planet, human and pet friendly

Biotech Misting Deodoriser 5L

  • Preparation and Directions for use

    Shake before use. Spray liberally into areas that present malodour

    Safety and Storage

    As with all cleaning products, do not ingest, wear gloves if submersing hands for long periods of time. Wash hands after each use. If an irritation occurs, seek medical attention and if discomfort continues. Please keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool dry place. Keep out of pathways to avoid accidental spillage – store away from food stuff.

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