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Concentrated biocidal laundry soak for the removal of protein based stains e.g. food, coffee, blood, urine, sebum etc. Effective bleaching action and safe on colours. Pleasant fragrance.

Coloursoak 5kg

  • DIRECTIONS 1. Soaking: Dissolve 100grams COLOURSOAK in 10 litre hot water (1:100) and soak linen overnight. 2. Laundry additive: Add 4 – 8 grams COLOURSOAK to 12 grams Speckles washing powder for every kilogram of laundry to be machine washed. 2. Hard Surfaces: Dissolve 100 – 125 grams COLOURSOAK in 10 litre hot water (1: 100 to 1: 80). PRODUCT FEATURES 1. Coloursoak contains a bleach and whitening agent which is entirely safe on coloured fabrics. 2. Coloursoak is effective at low washing temperature (i.e) 35˚ to 55˚C 3. Coloursoak has a pleasant fragrance and deodorizer. 4. Coloursoak is extremely effective in the removal of protein stains such as blood, wine, feaces, grass, tea, coffee, etc. 5. Coloursoak whitens fabric previously greyed through inefficient laundry process. 6. Coloursoak effectively kills 99.9% bacteria such as Pseudemonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus within 5 minutes at a dilution of (1:100) complies to SABS 1196 -1978
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