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Maxiclean is a top of the range solvent type cleaner. It has been designed for very dirty surfaces containing grease, oils and stubborn dirt. Solvents generally loosen and remove a different type of soiling compared to detergents. Maxiclean contains both and therefore one receives the best of both worlds. A detergent and solvent product in one. Maxiclean complies well above all SABS 1344 requirements.



  • We recommend the following dilutions: HEAVY DUTY: Dilute 1:10 with water, Ideally used on heavy soils such as grease, oils and other stubborn dirt from floors, walls, driveways, etc. MEDIUM DUTY: Dilute 1:40-100 with water. Perfect for use in the house and in the factory for cleaning cars, floors, kitchens, bathrooms, etc LIGHT DUTY: Dilute 1:200-400 with water. Ideally used for washing lightly soiled areas e.g. Windows, floors, etc
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