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An 70% alcohol based hand and surface sanitiser and sterilising spray available in 750ml spray bottles, 5L and 25L refill containers. 



Sterispray Alcohol Based Sanitising Spray

  • Sterispray is ideal for disinfection of floors, walls, utensils, table tops, equipment, door handles, dispensers and hands in the Food and Beverage Industries, Hospitality Industries as well as Fish and Poultry Processing Plants. Sterispray can be used as an effective hand dip to sanitise hands prior to handling food and other hygienically sensitive materials.

  • Sterispray must be sprayed onto surface to be sanitised by means of light mist and spread on surface by means of clean dry cloth or paper. No rinsing required as Sterispray will not taint the taste of foodstuffs. As hand rinse, dip or spray hands with Sterispray and allow to air dry. Do not rinse.

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